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We are on a mission to help companies turn vision and ideas into smart teams that deliver on time.

Trusted leadership to improve your tech delivery, team organization, and output

Our tech leadership has made a reputation for creating teams and delivering software for companies like FreshBooks, Bitstrips and PagerDuty. 

The Upspark Way

Get your vision right

We help you connect the dots between your strategy and development.

Get your team on board

Communicate with the same language, motivate your tech team and optimize your internal process for increased results.

Go beyond your next sprint

Smart plans that turn your tech teams into professional, consistent, and reliable engines of production for the long-term.

Tell “Trouble” From “Different”

How can you tell the difference between someone whose unique way of doing things is actually trouble for your team, or is just a new and different (but effective) approach? As your team grows, you’ll naturally start handing off responsibilities to other people. In most cases, you just explain how you want the thing done, […]

Don’t Miss Our Next Event

Are you an up and coming technical leader? On Saturday, June 24th, Wealthsimple is sponsoring a hands-on technical leadership workshop led by Upspark for those who identify as women and want to take their careers in engineering to the next level. If you are already a tech team lead or manager OR if you’re an engineer […]

Tech Team Check-Up

At Upspark our goal is to help Toronto startups do better. We help their technology teams grow and scale, avoiding the many common pitfalls that lie in their path. Many of those pitfalls are born in the communication between the senior leadership and the development team. Translating mission statements and business objectives into development tasks […]

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