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Our tech leadership has made a reputation for creating teams and delivering software for companies like FreshBooks, Bitstrips and PagerDuty. 

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When Your Rockstar Loses the Tune

At a growing startup we once worked at, there was guy who’d been amazing, been with the company since the earliest days, but who had somehow “lost the tune”. We’ll call him Rocky. Rocky had done a bit of everything, from programming to sales to customer support to graphic design. He’d been one of the […]

Connect Devs To Users

Connect Developers to Users and Stop Making Endless Product Revisions

It happened again, you asked for a feature, the developers built it but it’s not really what you wanted. You’re now expecting a cycle of endless revisions. This pattern has become part of how you work, and as a result nothing is getting done on time. You can’t be available all the time to answer […]

Purpose Driven Leadership

So last week I spoke on a podcast on technology leadership with the good folks at Teal Software about technology leadership, and kept finding myself iterating the idea of “falling back to purpose”. I have come to believe that the most important job of any leader, especially a CEO, is to embody and project the […]

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