Running a tech company is hard. We can help.

You don't have time to figure out your engineering team. Deadlines are passing and features aren't getting delivered. And the competition is creeping closer. Can you afford to wait?

Upspark is a team of tech leaders driven to help CEOs keep momentum and grow their companies.

Our tech leadership has made a reputation for creating teams and delivering software for companies like FreshBooks, Bitstrips and PagerDuty. Today we bring that same hands-on leadership to work with you and your team right in your office. We go beyond just consulting by working directly with you and your team to make a big impact on your current output while helping you navigate what lies ahead.

The Upspark Way

Get your vision right

We help you connect the dots between your strategy and development.

Get your team on board

Communicate with the same language, motivate your tech team and optimize your internal process for increased results.

Go beyond your next sprint

Smart plans that turn your tech teams into professional, consistent, and reliable engines of production for the long-term.

Case Study

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Microservices Are Not Right For You

I often meet companies that think their technology is failure-proof because they have implemented microservices, after all it’s an architecture that’s adopted by many tech giants. I even hear startups founders say things like “We have microservices so we’re ready to scale” before they’ve even launched! They think they’ve skipped ahead and learned from the […]

Give Less Work

It’s easy for a CEO (or any leader) to feel like their job is to give people more work. More stuff keeps coming up, urgent stuff, and SOMEBODY has to do it. It just has to get done, and so you gotta give it to someone. But when considered carefully, the real job of a […]

Hiring Your First Manager

There are many milestones in the life of a startup, but the first time you think, “Maybe we need to hire someone to manage this team,” is a defining moment for your company. The stakes are higher for a manager, much higher than with an individual contributor, because they’re going to be leading a whole […]

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Give Your Senior Leaders Room to Breathe

Kooltra, a small fintech company providing foreign exchange tools for financial firms, had a development team struggling to deliver in a reliable fashion and a CTO torn between day-to-day team management and business strategy. We came in and supported the team in their weekly sprints, modelling good practices and helping them hold themselves accountable. Timelines got turned around and morale rose, and Kooltra's senior leaders are now able to focus on the business needs.

How We Helped Ecobee Go From Chaos to Completion in Three Months

With a critical new product under development, ecobee's development team was mired in unproductive processes and falling behind. Upspark was asked to join the team and help figure out the right organizational and process changes to enable faster progress and clearer deliverables. With the Product and Software teams, we developed a plan and then executed the transformation by leading the newly re-organized teams to their critical milestones. The product has just been announced and should ship soon!

Our Team

Corey Reid has managed technology teams for over two decades – taking companies from a dozen to a couple hundred employees. He is a passionate leader and facilitator, helping teams raise their level of practice.

Juan Musleh is a veteran engineering manager, leading teams at companies like Bitstrips and Freshbooks. She brings rigour and discipline to software teams, helping them make use of the best tools and practices available.