Free Case Study

How to Get Your Engineering Team Delivering on Time

What you will learn:

  • The 3-Step process that has proven to turn any engineering team into a high-performing team in a few months
  • The simple yet poorly misunderstood way to get your team delivering on time
  • How to enable your executive to focus on strategic direction and longer-term business vision
  • How to identify key skill gaps that could be hurting your team
  • A unique approach to expanding the capacity of your existing team


Our Team

Corey Reid has managed technology teams for over two decades – taking companies from a dozen to a couple hundred employees. He is a passionate leader and facilitator, helping teams raise their level of practice.

Juan Musleh is a veteran engineering manager, leading teams at companies like Bitstrips and Freshbooks. She brings rigour and discipline to software teams, helping them make use of the best tools and practices available.