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Marguerite des Trois Maisons

Marguerite de Trois Maison

Steering my life is hard when I’m constantly tripping over it. Through Corey’s coaching, things are improving. “You’re caught on something that’s dragging you down,” he observes, “Let’s figure out how to unhook you.” “These two threads are in a knot. Let’s tease it out,” he says. He points to a thread I can’t see: “That one is made of gold.”

Corey has helped me uncover my core values and align my goals with those values. My path is straighter and the destination is brighter.


Rick Avila

Through my coaching sessions with Corey I was able to really understand my core values and what I stand for and how that is directly related to what I can bring to the table as a professional.

It has enabled me to further advance my career in the direction that allows me to fully utilize my skills and expand on the areas I want to continue growing and learning.


Irfan Pirbhai

Working with Corey has improved the quality of my life. Existentially, he’s helped me articulate my core values and map them to an inspiring career strategy. The result? Purpose, focus and excitement.

I feel like I’ve levelled up in my career: my work is better managed, my goals are clearer, my relationships are more intentional and my organizational impact is more deliberate. Book a session with him.

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