Purpose Driven Leadership

So last week I spoke on a podcast on technology leadership with the good folks at Teal Software about technology leadership, and kept finding myself iterating the idea of “falling back to purpose”. I have come to believe that the most important job of any leader, especially a CEO, is to embody and project the organization’s purpose, not only externally, but internally as well.

Turning vision into results is often blocked by the internalization of that vision by the founders.

So many issues that arise in a company as it grows I’ve seen traced back to somebody losing track of or faith in that purpose. It’s almost always a good use of a leader’s time to review how they communicate this, to consider new angles or approaches.

Make sure that everyone understands why it is so important that your company succeeds.

I’m really grateful to the folks at Teal for inviting me to speak on their podcast. Give it a listen!


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