Gain The Skills and Confidence to Lead

Want to move your career forward, but don't feel like you have the skills to take on a leadership role?

Are you in a leadership role and struggling to feel like you can really help your team?

Our workshops focus on helping developers become great managers

Eventbrite - Upspark Tech Leads 101: February 2019

Next Workshop: Toronto, Friday, February 22


Our Approach

There are a few basic skills that get you 80% of the way to being a great tech lead: understanding when and how your reports need help, delegating work effectively and giving feedback that changes behaviour. Getting good at these skills is a question of practice, not of reading the latest management theory. Our hands-on workshops allow you to practice these skills and get feedback that will positively impact your ability to lead your team.

What Will You Learn?

Effective 1-on-1s

Do you want to learn what truly motivates others and why they behave in certain ways?
Have you ever had a 1on1 with a team member and felt like they’re holding back?

There’s a big difference between a conversation that gets at important truths, and one that just skates on the surface.

Learn how to listen and draw out what’s really happening so your team knows that they can count on you.  An effective team trusts each other and a great 1-on-1 conversation is one of the best ways to build trust.


Giving Feedback

Do you get nervous when you think about giving someone negative feedback, worried how they might react? Are you tired of giving the same feedback over and over and not seeing any change in behaviour?

Learn how to give feedback that changes behaviour and reduces the chance of a negative reaction. Using a simple and concrete model, you’ll get a chance to practice delivering that feedback, and yes you’ll get feedback on your feedback.

Goal-Setting and Accountability

The biggest problem in any software effort is getting the team to work together effectively. Learn how to set meaningful goals with your team and hold them accountable to outcomes.

Stay in the loop about how the work is going without micro-managing. Delegate effectively and watch your team excel!

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All our workshops offer "100% satisfaction" guarantee. If you attend the workshop and feel it was a waste of your money and time, we will issue a full refund, as simple as that.

When and Where?

Our next workshop is on June 16th, 2018, at 401 Richmond St West, a heritage-designated industrial building in the heart of downtown Toronto, easily accessible by public transit and parking is widely available.

Questions and Concerns

Will this work for me?

These are skills-based workshops. Just like anyone can get better at playing the guitar, or typing, anyone can get better at these key management skills. You don’t need to be a certain kind of person or have specific experience to improve these skills.

I’m not a lead right now?

Actually trying out the things a lead is required to do is the best way to prepare yourself for this kind of role. Many of our attendees are not yet in a leadership role but want to try it out and make sure they’re ready.

I’ve been managing teams for a few years is this relevant?

Managers rarely get chances to practice their skills. You don’t expect athletes to sit around between games, doing nothing. They practice their skills, so that when the time comes they’re sharp and ready to go. Experienced managers get a lot out of practicing their skills in our workshops.

What if this is a waste of money?

We offer a "100% Satisfaction" guarantee. If you attend the workshop and feel like you didn't get value out of it, just ask for a full refund. No questions asked.

I have a group, do you have discounts?

If you have a large enough group it may be worthwhile to have Upspark come to your workplace and run a custom workshop for your leadership team. Contact us for more information.