The Upspark Way

No slide decks or tired buzzwords; Upspark workshops will have you delivering feedback and practicing powerful ways to handle conflict and guide your team effectively. You’ll get in-the-moment coaching that lifts your understanding and ability. The space is encouraging and collegial, where attendees can learn from each other as well as the facilitators.

Build Trust

Learn how to listen and draw out what’s really happening. Practice conducting one-on-ones and giving feedback effectively.

Communicate Clearly

Teach your team how to stay focused with daily standups and quick retrospectives.

Manage Conflict

Disagreements and tensions will happen. Practice the key conversational skills to defuse and keep the team on track.

“Felt like a conversation with peers sharing ideas and perspectives.”
“Real world conflict solving!”
“Inclusive, dynamic, organic!”
“These are useful tools and the exercises are great.”
“Insightful and in-depth!”